Monday, August 18, 2008

Ipmsg IP Messenger

If you have a small network and needed to communicate without needed to use the internet or having to set up a communication server the following application is really great. It does not need an installation and can be run whenever needed. It works on port 2425 and automatically picks up other users on the network that are running the application that are part of the same subnet.

The good is that it has a log, quotes the last message in the reply, lets each member be part of a group and puts those people together. Additionally the really cool part is that it supports file transfer including folder transfer as well ....

Its freeware and maintains a small footprint about 5 MB of memory, peer to peer, scalable and almost never interferes with other applications.

The link for the site is below

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  1. sir i need to know the working principle of ipmsg..plz tell as soon as posssible...

  2. Hey, not completely sure but I have a decent idea, when you run Ipmsg on your system it runs ona TCP / UDP port of 2425 that is continuously listening. When a user on the same network open an instance of it, ipmsg scans the local network for any machine where the program is running by checking the 2425 port and picking up information about the user from the application.
    It runs only on the local subnet as it would immpossible to scan the entire network for open connections. If required you could always add an external IP address for the program to scan.

    Hope that helps !

  3. Hello
    We have a LAN in our college. We have 3 different subnets. I can see only people on my subnet. I can connect to other subnet people induvidually by adding their ip addresses. Is there a way to add whole subnet to the list.

  4. i m not able to see ip of other subnets though i add it in my ipmsg list address...