Sunday, October 19, 2008

Port Forwarding Airtel Beetel Modem / Netgear WRG614

Would recommend reading of my previous post as it talks about how the setup exists between the modem and wifi router.

The Wifi router is setup as an access point so the Beetel Modem acts as the DHCP and the port forwarding needs to be done on the Beetel itself.

Okay, port forwarding needs to done to enable certain application / games to interact across the internet. It provides the capability to forward traffic from the ip that currently terminates at the Modem to the computer that needs to receive it.

Step 1

Access your Beetel Modem on the following address

Username: admin
Password: admin

Step 2

Select Advanced Setup ---> NAT ---> Virtual Servers

Step 3

Click Add, check if the application you need to port forward exists, if so please select and in the Server IP address put in the address of the computer you need to forward to

Make sure that the IP of this machine is made static, refer my above blog entry to figure out how to do that else, this will not work if your computer keeps getting different IP addresses.

Click the save apply.

Step 4

This step is to be used if the application you need to do port forwarding for does not exist in the list that has been provided in the DSL Modem.

Select Custom Service, put a name for example I have put VNC.

Put the start port number and the end port number, the internal port numbers will automatically fill up.

If the Service requires multiple ranges, you can enter in each of the ranges on the next lines.

If your not sure of whether the service requires a TCP or a UDP would suggest you select the option of TCP / UDP in the Protocol drop down.

Step 5

After saving you need to reboot the system for it to take place. Best way to is to power off and power on the setup.

The best way to check if your setup is working is to go to a site that lets you check for example

Keep in mind the IP of your computer you need to forward to is static. If this works do drop me a line, would love to hear. If your feeling generous click an ad :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Asus Mobile Phone Service Center Bangalore

I recently had a problem with my Asus P320 mobile phone, looked up on the net and couldn't find details of the service center for Bangalore, apparently it recently shifted last month. Thought I post the details here to help out others. The service center services all ASUS products, not just mobile phones.

The ASUS Service Center or Asus Royal Club as it is called is located at

Number 1105, 3rd Floor, Kambi complex,
Near Corporation circle,
Bangalore 560002.

In terms of Landmark it is behind the LIC building adjacent to Adigas restaurant.

The phone number is (080)22112942. Prior to this I came across an All India toll free number but I couldn't get anyone to pick it up, the number was 1800 2090 365.

The timing are 10 am to 8 pm on weekend days and 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday. You will need your bill as proof for warranty.

I have put together a blog for this phone over here

If you have found this useful, do drop me a comment, if your feeling generous click an ad :)

There is a lot more information available on the Asus P320 at the following site