Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Asus Mobile Phone Service Center Bangalore

I recently had a problem with my Asus P320 mobile phone, looked up on the net and couldn't find details of the service center for Bangalore, apparently it recently shifted last month. Thought I post the details here to help out others. The service center services all ASUS products, not just mobile phones.

The ASUS Service Center or Asus Royal Club as it is called is located at

Number 1105, 3rd Floor, Kambi complex,
Near Corporation circle,
Bangalore 560002.

In terms of Landmark it is behind the LIC building adjacent to Adigas restaurant.

The phone number is (080)22112942. Prior to this I came across an All India toll free number but I couldn't get anyone to pick it up, the number was 1800 2090 365.

The timing are 10 am to 8 pm on weekend days and 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday. You will need your bill as proof for warranty.

I have put together a blog for this phone over here


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There is a lot more information available on the Asus P320 at the following site



  1. hey gr8 knowledge abt the p320.... thanx a lot.. wil be buyin it soon..

  2. i was looking for the service center. THANK YOU.
    My comment about asus is it's similar to chinese phone. should have bought HTC.

  3. Thanx dude. Useful info.

  4. Hey I met with an accident and screen of my Asus broke ,do u have any idea that they replace the touch screen,I bought the phone in Oct 2008

  5. Hi i need to chennai service center adress for Asus

  6. I have been using Asus P320,A very good value for money phone with many features such as WiFI,touch pad,Windows 6.1.
    I am completely satisfied with this phone.And thanks for your service center info.
    By Ajay

  7. after upgrading rom ,phot not detect in active sync . any solution

    sanoj delhi

  8. @sanoj

    What version have you upgraded to. Suggest you go through my other blog for better details.

    Cheers !

  9. i upgrrade through one sw, i got it from asus support

  10. @ sanoj

    Am assuming you have upgraded to 4.15 My other blog is http://p320.blogspot.com

    If the only problem is with Active sync, suggest you uninstall activesync on your computer and reinstall it. You will need to re-establish the relationship with your computer.

  11. Hi hello iam using the Asus P320 its very good model with all the new and latest features, but recentaly I met with the accident and my asus cell screen and the display broked and now i want to replace plz do suggest where can i get it replaced, I leave in bangalore at indiranagar so please do tell me where is the service center. and the cost for the display. please mail the details to my mail id , sunswe@hotmail.com.


  12. @sunny

    The contact details are mentioned above. It would be your best bet in replacing the screen. All the best !

  13. Can some tell me about the Asus srvice certre in Delhi?
    please i really need tht...........Help me

  14. does asus have a netbook service center in bangalore

  15. my phone is a 526 of asus, for the last 6 months it performed well, last night, it suddenly shuts down by itself, and then, gone reset, lost all the info in it, now the screen says align screen, and stand still at that mode. some times it goes to the main desktop, but lost its abilty to work proper. i donno wat to do with that....

  16. @ MAK @ SCAR

    The service center mentioned above is for all Asus Products including netbooks. Give them a call, they should be able to help you ...

  17. @to all

    There is one more service center which is pretty much valid and i got phone serviced there everytime whenever i encounter any problem

    Its also mentioned on the Asus website

    Accel Frontline ltd.
    Cunningham Road

    But not to mentioning they are damn slow i mean snail is faster than their service i have encountered hell lots of problem with my p320 but i got them rectified

    first time the receiver of my phone got damaged due to bizarre reasons and the service center peeps couldn't able to rectify it so i got my handset replaced with a new one

    Then the LCD broke down i don't know how that happened but it happened i paid 4k bucks for it to get replaced! damn :( and it took 15 days as well!!!!!!!!!

  18. Hi..i have a asus p552w...its only 6 months old...from the last week i am facing battery issue s on the cell.the battery goes down and shuts the cell down. the backup is lasting only for say about 8 -9 hours. and i do not talk much over the phone. i earlier was charging it every 2 days but now need to every day in a span of 6 months. the phone just turns off automatically sometimes even earlier than 8 hours...can you suggest something.

    Also i want to upgrade it to 6.5 from 6.1 windows mobile. is it possible to do it for free or how much will it cost.
    Send me the details and suggestions to 'dey.saurav@gmail.com'

  19. @saurav

    If the phone is only 6 months old, go to the service center, the battery has a 6 month warranty. Sounds as if the battery is gone bad. Regarding Windows 6.5, you need to find a device / specific ROM for phone, I have posted for my device Asus P320 over here

  20. hi...i have problem with my asus p320..by mistake it get locked..what is solution...is there any service center in goa....please help me out........

  21. sir, I am having ASUS P750 PDA Cell Phone that is not detecting the network so please tell me what should i do?

    so, please mail me the appropriate solution so that i can use my cell phone. My email-ID is "spandan2002@gmail.com"

  22. @spandan

    Check out my blog at p320.blogspot.com

    Ideally if it is switched on, it should detect all available networks. Is only your network not available or all networks are not available. If it is the latter, then there could be a hardware issue.

  23. sir iam having asus p320 i can't copy the from phone to, sim to phone /

  24. hi this is waseem i have p320 asus mobile
    the touch screen is not working so i want to change the touch screen pls let me know where to in bangalore

  25. sir iam having asus p320 its touch screen is not working iam too for away from banglore
    service center, so is it possible to get the spare display unit so that i can replace the faulty touch screen display locally &pls specify the price

    pls mail me my id gopalshetty71@gmail.com

  26. accel telecom provides service for asus mobile phones

    i found these numbers, i hope its helpful

    acel frontline banglore service center
    080 41231497

    chennai service center
    044 66213081/77
    160,thiru bld,
    greams rd,
    thousand lights, chennai
    contact person Mr. Ariraj

  27. Out of warranty Asus phones are serviced on;y by authorized service ppl, in bangalore the phone number for them would be 080 - 41231497 Excel frontline, they are located at cunnighum road.

  28. hi ia m using asus p526 moble phone and its trouch screen is not working tell me the nearest service station for asus p526 mobile in bangalore i stay in jayanagar

  29. Hi, I am using ASUS Mobile p526 hand set, i want to Upgrade.
    Kindly guide me..

    Thank You


  30. hi,

    I am using asus m10 mobile phone since fast 9 months but now i am facing Battery backup problem & if we swithched on the mobile it's not getting started properly.


  31. hi I am using garmin asus m10 phone since 2 years. now my phone is getting damaged is there any service center near raichur district Karnataka state please inform me.

  32. Shalum I got Asus not sure of the model but it looks just like the blackberry my problem is connecting to able WiFi networks& being able to use songs from my SD card for my ring tone the phone version is windons6.1 touch screen & touch keys any idea wat to do my email is shalumalechem@gmail.com thanks